Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sun Kisses

I drew freckles. 

I love freckles, they're adorable. I especially love them on children. Running around in the sun, grass stains on knees, the care free confidence of Tom Sawyer. That's what freckles remind me of. 

But, when I sat down to sketch out this new painting, I wasn't planning on using those tiny "sun kisses". Nope. I was almost finished with this lovely child, when I realized she needed something to make her genuine feeling. A perfect spray of imperfection. So I drew them, and I'm glad of it. She feels kind of.. real now. 

Also, about those two weeks when I skipped out on this blog...
Here's where I was. Camano Island, in the Puget Sound, right outside of Seattle in Washington.
It was beautiful and I gleaned many ideas for paintings during the trip. 

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  1. Love it! When I was in junior high (middle school now) I would put lemon juice on my face to bleach my "angel kisses"...Now I embrace them...They are my claim to youth in the light of my 50 year oldness!!