Thursday, August 30, 2012

California Surfer Painting

Last night I began this painting. 

While I was in California, I went surfing, and strolled the boardwalks. It was a feast for the eyes, with palm trees towering overhead and art galleries around every corner. The incredible vibrancy of life was on every beach, in every pounding wave, like electricity between each grain of sand. You couldn't shake it. The sun seemed to  burn fiercer over the white blond hair of the surfers out past the wave breakers. It was these beautiful naturally platinum locks that brought about this painting.

 She'll have the surfer hair, a glowing warmth and cool steady eyes. If this painting comes out like my vision, then I'll have done my inspiration justice. It's time to cross fingers!

Sarah Bosserman

p.s. I rather love the abstracted splotch of blush, don't you? 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

La Jolla Beach California

La Jolla Beach, California..

Sand stone cliffs, steep beaches with pounding surf, art galleries everywhere, seafood restaurants crowding the boardwalk.. It was by far the best birthday I've ever had. In fact it's so beautiful here that I know getting on that plane back to Texas will be very hard. Very hard. I love the swaying palm trees, the rolling mountains, the perfect sunny weather! Well, I will have to leave, but not yet! Tomorrow I'll share my Newport Beach adventure. 

Sarah Bosserman 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

I'm here visiting cousins and celelbrating my 20h birthday. 
Which by the way is today. i'm not sure what I thought California would be like, but from my first day I can tell you it's beautiful.  Sunny, blue skies, tall thin palm trees everywhere, and pools waiting for eager swimmers. Tomorrow I'll explore La Jolla beach in San Diego, but for now, sitting here is vacation enough. 

Sarah Bosserman 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Finished Grizzly Bear Painting!

I'm not sure why I've done two paintings of bears straight.

First the cuddly polar bear and now a fierce grizzly bear.
Maybe it was that trip in the Colorado mountains. The tall pine trees, and rushing water rivers must of rubbed off. Here in Dallas the landscape is very lackluster when it comes to the traditional forest/mountain/camping scenery that I grew up with in the North West. Maybe this it's my way of remembering those beautiful valleys and streams my family used to camp near. We would see huge flocks of butterflies, deer, and once, just once, a bear.

Oh, and I finished this painting!

Sarah Bosserman

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gaelic Football

I always find myself painting late at night leaving me with no natural light to take quality pictures of my art. Will I ever learn?? 

Today aside from working on my Grizzly painting, my family and I went to a Gaelic Football tournament. The first of it's kind in Dallas. What is Gaelic Football? It's an Irish sport, and incredibly popular in Europe. Just now it's starting to gain traction in the United States.  Players are aloud to kick, bounce, pass, carry, or dribble the round ball across the field of grass. They can either score by kicking it into a net or throwing/kicking it between two tall rods. It's an entertaining game to watch! 

One of best parts about going to this tournament was meeting, hearing and seeing another culture up close. The vast majority of players and fans were Irish! It was like a tiny trip overseas. With the food trucks serving up fish and chips, bear and other tasty morsels it was a near perfect allusion.

Here are some pictures I snapped during the game!

Sarah Bosserman

Friday, August 10, 2012


My blog header says Artist and Adventurer. 

I travel, quiet a bit. Whether it's across the globe (rarely) across the nation (often) or across the metroplex (weekly). Adventure, It's out there, and on the 17th I'm flying to Las Angeles, to see family, celebrate my 20th birthday and to go to Disneyland! I'm not going to have much, if any, time to draw during that week, so I'll mostly post pictures of the strange and beautiful state of California. Why am I telling you all of this? Well, today I wanted to test this little format out with a day trip to Denton Texas. It's a college town, full of young crazy bearded, late night coffee drinkers, and hipster wanna-be's and I LOVE it. Thrift stores with three levels fit to give an archaeologist a mental breakdown, a maze-like book store, funky coffee & donut houses, vintage clothing shops, theaters, and one huge spooky old court house. Seriously, the ghost busters would think twice before visiting that place! Anyways, here's a few pictures to give you a feel for little 'ol Denton, and a taste for what's to come in California.

Sarah Bosserman

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Whirl Pools

Lazy, swirling currents, a salmon pink background and one huge Grizzly Bear.
I think I was partly inspired by the movie Moonrise Kingdom. The color pallet fits and the oddly centered, dead on stare of the bear are all Wes Anderson-ish, the director of the movie.

What can I say? I'm a sucker for pretty movies and pictures.

Sarah Bosserman

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hipster Grizzly Bear and Zumba

I started painting my bear. Now if you still feel like reading, continue on with this definition.

Zumba: A dance based form of torture inflicted on helpless people who wish to be fit. 

Well, that's what it currently feels like. 

That's how my back, legs and arms feel it should be defined. I've started taking classes at my gym. oohh, ahhh, yes I have a gym membership. I am that person who carries the card but never uses it. Feeling better for it just being there. Unfortunately that's a kind of self delusion, and I do want to be healthier, so I started the said classes. 

This evening as the huge group of women, and one dude, salsa-ed, toe stepped, and generally shook our butooskies, I couldn't help but notice myself in the wrap around mirrors. And I saw a praying-mantis-Sheldon-Cooper-ish-uncoordinated person staring back. And I laughed, because honestly it was funny. Like a toddler fumbling around figuring out how to feed itself, I too was learning something new and kind of frustrating. 

I guess what I'm saying is that having a sense of humor when trying something new is vitally important. Whether it's putting food into your mouth, jumping around in a gym, or even trying your hand at art. You're going to look stupid, but don't give up and if you get a laugh out of it, all the better. 

Now I'm going to grab a cup of hot chocolate and ice my sore muscles.

Sarah Bosserman

Monday, August 6, 2012

Creative "Tricks"

Creativity is a weird thing. 

Sometimes ideas are like a well spring. Gushing and bubbling up faster than I can bottle each one. And sometimes, just one crystal clear absolutely perfect idea will be unearthed. Like a tiny nugget of gold. 
But there are days, when nothing comes. The ideas, have dried out, been picked over and I have no idea what to do. Creativity doesn't work on command. Of course, there are tricks to get that creative flow going again. Tricks that you use rarely, only when it's the direst of moments. Well, I had a dry spell.. so I brought out my bag of tricks. 

What are my triggers for painting? Well, I dream.. literally. I have epic, long dreams every night full of detail and they are always full of topsy-turvy wonderland-ish places. But unlike Salvadore Dali, I have no compulsion so only paint dreams, so I save parts of them for such times as this. 

Another "trick" of mine is more of a ritual than anything else. I go to Starbucks, order a venti, hot, hazel nut latte, in a real cup, sit at a table, read the first three chapters of A Movable Feast by Earnest Hemingway, think about Paris (I've visited), then take out my sketch book and just draw.

It's worked every single time. Without fail. 

And that is what I did to get this painting started. Dream pieces, Starbucks, Hemingway, and notebook. 

So, say "Hi" to my grizzly bear. By the way, he's standing in a swirling river. 

Sarah Bosserman

Friday, August 3, 2012

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Antique

Me and some oh-so-fine goggles

Every venture into an antique store is an opportunity to unearth a treasure.
For me, vintage Disneyland postcards, tin boxes, and anything having to do with media from my childhood. 
Today's find was of the last category. From 1969, in full color with stills from the movie I found a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang novel, by Ian Fleming distributed by Walt Disney. It was at the bottom of a wicker basket full of horror novels. Why I started digging through them, I'm not sure, but my instinct drove me on. 
To a lot of people this little beauty, full of technicolor wonder isn't worth much. After all, I only paid a dollar for it. To me however, it's priceless. 

Sarah Bosserman

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nerd Swagger, I Have It

I've probably touched on this before, but Indulge me for a bit. 

I have a huge love for everything Science Fiction. 

You've watched Star Wars? Well I read all those cheesy novels in high school. Star Trek? Got it. Firefly. Got it. Doctor Who.... CHECK.  First Contact, loved it. Close Encounters of The third Kind? One of my all time favorite movies. Ever. Why do I  drag all of this geeky information out?  Because this morning I realized that inside of my grand walk in closet, out of my vast collection of clothing, literally hundreds of items, I only own one shirt with words on it. 

And what does this shirt say? 

"Take me with you"

Do I have science fiction-nerd-swagger? Yes, yes I believe I do. 

Sarah Bosserman