Thursday, August 30, 2012

California Surfer Painting

Last night I began this painting. 

While I was in California, I went surfing, and strolled the boardwalks. It was a feast for the eyes, with palm trees towering overhead and art galleries around every corner. The incredible vibrancy of life was on every beach, in every pounding wave, like electricity between each grain of sand. You couldn't shake it. The sun seemed to  burn fiercer over the white blond hair of the surfers out past the wave breakers. It was these beautiful naturally platinum locks that brought about this painting.

 She'll have the surfer hair, a glowing warmth and cool steady eyes. If this painting comes out like my vision, then I'll have done my inspiration justice. It's time to cross fingers!

Sarah Bosserman

p.s. I rather love the abstracted splotch of blush, don't you? 

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