Friday, August 3, 2012

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Antique

Me and some oh-so-fine goggles

Every venture into an antique store is an opportunity to unearth a treasure.
For me, vintage Disneyland postcards, tin boxes, and anything having to do with media from my childhood. 
Today's find was of the last category. From 1969, in full color with stills from the movie I found a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang novel, by Ian Fleming distributed by Walt Disney. It was at the bottom of a wicker basket full of horror novels. Why I started digging through them, I'm not sure, but my instinct drove me on. 
To a lot of people this little beauty, full of technicolor wonder isn't worth much. After all, I only paid a dollar for it. To me however, it's priceless. 

Sarah Bosserman

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