Monday, August 6, 2012

Creative "Tricks"

Creativity is a weird thing. 

Sometimes ideas are like a well spring. Gushing and bubbling up faster than I can bottle each one. And sometimes, just one crystal clear absolutely perfect idea will be unearthed. Like a tiny nugget of gold. 
But there are days, when nothing comes. The ideas, have dried out, been picked over and I have no idea what to do. Creativity doesn't work on command. Of course, there are tricks to get that creative flow going again. Tricks that you use rarely, only when it's the direst of moments. Well, I had a dry spell.. so I brought out my bag of tricks. 

What are my triggers for painting? Well, I dream.. literally. I have epic, long dreams every night full of detail and they are always full of topsy-turvy wonderland-ish places. But unlike Salvadore Dali, I have no compulsion so only paint dreams, so I save parts of them for such times as this. 

Another "trick" of mine is more of a ritual than anything else. I go to Starbucks, order a venti, hot, hazel nut latte, in a real cup, sit at a table, read the first three chapters of A Movable Feast by Earnest Hemingway, think about Paris (I've visited), then take out my sketch book and just draw.

It's worked every single time. Without fail. 

And that is what I did to get this painting started. Dream pieces, Starbucks, Hemingway, and notebook. 

So, say "Hi" to my grizzly bear. By the way, he's standing in a swirling river. 

Sarah Bosserman

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