Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gaelic Football

I always find myself painting late at night leaving me with no natural light to take quality pictures of my art. Will I ever learn?? 

Today aside from working on my Grizzly painting, my family and I went to a Gaelic Football tournament. The first of it's kind in Dallas. What is Gaelic Football? It's an Irish sport, and incredibly popular in Europe. Just now it's starting to gain traction in the United States.  Players are aloud to kick, bounce, pass, carry, or dribble the round ball across the field of grass. They can either score by kicking it into a net or throwing/kicking it between two tall rods. It's an entertaining game to watch! 

One of best parts about going to this tournament was meeting, hearing and seeing another culture up close. The vast majority of players and fans were Irish! It was like a tiny trip overseas. With the food trucks serving up fish and chips, bear and other tasty morsels it was a near perfect allusion.

Here are some pictures I snapped during the game!

Sarah Bosserman

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