Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hipster Grizzly Bear and Zumba

I started painting my bear. Now if you still feel like reading, continue on with this definition.

Zumba: A dance based form of torture inflicted on helpless people who wish to be fit. 

Well, that's what it currently feels like. 

That's how my back, legs and arms feel it should be defined. I've started taking classes at my gym. oohh, ahhh, yes I have a gym membership. I am that person who carries the card but never uses it. Feeling better for it just being there. Unfortunately that's a kind of self delusion, and I do want to be healthier, so I started the said classes. 

This evening as the huge group of women, and one dude, salsa-ed, toe stepped, and generally shook our butooskies, I couldn't help but notice myself in the wrap around mirrors. And I saw a praying-mantis-Sheldon-Cooper-ish-uncoordinated person staring back. And I laughed, because honestly it was funny. Like a toddler fumbling around figuring out how to feed itself, I too was learning something new and kind of frustrating. 

I guess what I'm saying is that having a sense of humor when trying something new is vitally important. Whether it's putting food into your mouth, jumping around in a gym, or even trying your hand at art. You're going to look stupid, but don't give up and if you get a laugh out of it, all the better. 

Now I'm going to grab a cup of hot chocolate and ice my sore muscles.

Sarah Bosserman

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