Friday, August 10, 2012


My blog header says Artist and Adventurer. 

I travel, quiet a bit. Whether it's across the globe (rarely) across the nation (often) or across the metroplex (weekly). Adventure, It's out there, and on the 17th I'm flying to Las Angeles, to see family, celebrate my 20th birthday and to go to Disneyland! I'm not going to have much, if any, time to draw during that week, so I'll mostly post pictures of the strange and beautiful state of California. Why am I telling you all of this? Well, today I wanted to test this little format out with a day trip to Denton Texas. It's a college town, full of young crazy bearded, late night coffee drinkers, and hipster wanna-be's and I LOVE it. Thrift stores with three levels fit to give an archaeologist a mental breakdown, a maze-like book store, funky coffee & donut houses, vintage clothing shops, theaters, and one huge spooky old court house. Seriously, the ghost busters would think twice before visiting that place! Anyways, here's a few pictures to give you a feel for little 'ol Denton, and a taste for what's to come in California.

Sarah Bosserman

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