Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to make your own light box!

           You know those beautiful pictures of items in front of an ultra white wall? Well, those photos are taken with the assistance of a crazy expensive camera, and a not so expensive light box. Well, as of today I know have one of those items! No, not a super fancy camera.. but I made my own light box! I was able to do it thanks to this handy site, I found on Pinterest. (This is my Pinterest by the way). It was pretty easy, and the only money i needed to spend was on a seven dollar light bulb. Well, I haven't bought it yet, and that's why my photos came out slightly grainy and yellowish. All together though, I think this is pretty cool! Also, I updated my blog header, pretty cute huh? 

Sarah Bosserman

p.s. these are part of my oh-so adored toy collection. No, I'm not to old to have toys.. 
Can you guess who the screaming lady is? 


  1. So cool! I saw it on Pinterest, and I was going to make it too! Haha :))

    1. Awesome! It was very easy to do, and the after effect is totally worth it! Thanks for commenting! :)