Thursday, September 6, 2012

Meeting Voltaire, and Surfer Painting

The painting continues

In other news, I've been reading papers and essays by famous long dead philosophers. 
It's quite interesting and I like having my brain stretched by big ideas, except when it get's creepy. 

This is where the amusing story comes in. While I traveled through France and Paris last year, I saw many tombs. Like, a lot of dead people. The great majority of them being famous thinkers revered in history. One of these dead guys I happened to see was a political philosopher named Voltaire. I remember being freaked out  (understandably), standing in the underground vault next to his stone coffin which contained is gross dead  remains. May I pause here to say YUCK. Well today I had to read a paper written by him way back in 1733. I was supposed to be focused on the content of said paper. Much as I tried, I couldn't. All my brain could do was travel back through my memories to that creepy,  cold tomb that smelled of mildew. Gah, just thinking about it gives me the shivers! 

This is probably the worst instance of making history "come to life" that I have ever experienced.

Again, YUCK.

Sarah Bosserman

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