Saturday, September 22, 2012

Red, Blue and Purple Hair Equals Confidence

Oh my goodness, I have four college papers to write this weekend. Usually it's just one, but this weekend is "extra special".

 Anyways, I  thought I should get this post up nice and early before my brain turns into study goo. 

       This painting is becoming one of my favorites. It's fun using thick bold lines and layers of paint, where as I would normally use thin, watery layers. I guess the different use of medium technique comes from the subject itself. This girl is bold and beautiful, obviously a strong character. Thin layers of paint would have been to delicate for her. All of my paintings have a small back story. Her story is simply that she is a strong confident person. 

Edited: After posting this, I realized why confidence was such a desirable element in my painting, an element which I had just assigned to it. Yesterday I met someone who, without a doubt had the lowest self confidence I have ever seen in a person. This person was continually in the act of self deprecation, and would play it off as a bizarre joke. In the face of such self loathing my initial reaction was to run away. I couldn't handle the burden of self hate this person was living under, and it was sickening from an outside point of view. I did stick around for a bit though, and tried to plant some seeds of confidence and empowerment. Today, when I think back to this person I feel a deep sadness. I wish I could fix the problems people have, to take away that horrible mental states they live in. But all I can do is to just be there, to remind them that yes, they are valuable human beings. Hopefully this person will begin to see that they are a person with worth.

Sarah Bosserman

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  1. She looks great... One of those pics that makes me want to meets her and listen to what she has to say... thanks for sharing her with us :).