Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Saving Wednesdays

           Right now I'm a college student. My job is to take in information, process it and spit it out again. At the end of each day my saving grace is painting. It requires little thought and a lot of intuition. Another brain saver is working with children on Wednesdays. At first I was hesitant to volunteer watching pre-kindergartners at my church, but now I wouldn't give it up. After 3 days of school and 4 days of studying each week, I welcome those crazy nights. I need the mental break! I need the simpleness of teaching kids about animals after analyzing a philosophy paper all day. Wednesdays keep me sane. Those kids have no idea how much I gain from them as they learn from me.
Sarah Bosserman
p.s. the surfer painting is taking a long time because of my studies, but I have made some progress!


  1. We are SO very blessed by you... Love watching you smile as you work with our kids... thank you for being such an amazing part of Wednesday nights... and for the friendship and kindness you show all of the time :).

  2. Joli dessin
    Angela Donava