Friday, October 5, 2012

Drawing Challenge, Draw a Friend

This 30 Day Challenge is just that, a challenge. 

         Today's task was to draw a dear friend. In all honesty, I have 3 best friends. First there is my sister, then my friend Mollie who I've known nearly my whole life, and then there is my friend Eleanor. I value the friendship of these three people so much, and living 7-8 states away from Mollie and Elanor is brutal. If I'm lucky I get to see them once a YEAR. 

          Anyways, My friend Eleanor is very beautiful ( just like my sister and Mollie!) and I have even tried to paint her portrait... Except, she is one of the hardest people I have ever drawn in my life. Maybe that's why it's so much fun to draw her, to figure the puzzle out. It's these kinds of people that remind me of the painters of old who would obsessively draw the same girl/guy over, and over again, trying in vain to capture just what it is that fascinates the artist. I'm beginning to understand this compulsion, of course on a much healthier level! Eleanor is great, but I'm not going to spend months trying to figure out her facial structure. Okay, enough talk, here is the tiny painting, and I must add that it doesn't really look very much like her. Alas, I'll have to try again someday. *sigh* :)

Sarah Bosserman

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