Tuesday, November 20, 2012


     My goodness I've been gone for far too long! 
My first year of college has been absolutely crazy. Every week I say, next week will be better, I'll fall into a routine. 3 months in and I'm finally feeling as though I haven't been lying to myself. Today I put my foot down, I cleaned my room, put my art desk back in order, and even wrote this blog post!

    During all of this time away from this dear little blog hasn't gone  to waste over silly philosophy papers alone, I've been painting too. What is this mystery painting I've been working on? It's a Snowy Owl, and I'm very proud of how it's turned out, though it's far from completed. He'll be for sale for around the $125 range. I'm open for discussion on the price. It's a very inexpensive price, but at this moment in my art I'm trying to focus on experimenting and turning quick sales to fund those very experiments. 

Lucky for me this experiment turned out to be pretty cute!

 If you happen to be interested, email me at SarahBosserman@gmail.com or through Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Life-With-SarahB-Blog/173802599325210

Sarah Bosserman

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