Friday, January 11, 2013


    A month ago, I was laying in bed listening to the song Of Moons Birds and Monsters by MGMT. 

    Half way through the song I couldn't lay down any longer. In a fit of creative energy I grabbed a pen, a note pad and flicked the light on, irritating my sister with whom I share a room with. It didn't matter, I had to get the idea out of my mind. I made two rough sketches of a girl standing in front of a hyper-detailed moon. The next day I drew a few more concepts. Each time her face would express a different emotion. Fright, fear, bravery, peace etc. First she was staring the viewer head on, then looking into the distance. 

   I quickly found that I wanted this girl to be mysterious, but not in the tired "film noir" way. I didn't want a female who was more of an object than a human. 

   I want this painting, this protagonist to be clean, clear, soft and beautiful. She needs to be fresh, she needs to be glowing, and she needs to be close to nature. 

   While I waited for my first layer of oil painting to dry, I went on an outing to Urban Outfitters. 
   I understand that there is quite a bit of venom directed at that store, but honestly, clothing is clothing and I just so happen to adore their look. I just can't get excited about a polo shirt with a brand stamped all over the front. Plus, I like trying new weird patterns, stains, studs  embroidery and washes. I like my clothing to challenge me a bit. 

   Anyways, while I was strolling through the isles of acid washed sweatshirts and knitted vests, I spotted a bargain bin. That's when it all went crazy. At one point I had two duvets, a posters, candles and a few books in my arms. My sister talked me out of most of the items (thank goodness), but I did walk away with this! A huge geometric wall tapestry for 5 dollars and My sister bought the three India inspired silk pillows for 5 dollars apiece!

Just to be sure you understand, Urban Outfitters can be very pricey. 
Basically, We made out like bandits.

   Aside from painting, shopping and general goofing off during winter break, I also secured through incredible grace from above, a job working at a comic book store. YEAH, I now work at a comic book store. I think as cool jobs go thats pretty sweet. (Just so you know, it goes Astronaut, rock star, then comic book store). 

   In all seriousness I'm very thankful that I work at a place that I'm proud of, and where the customers are more like friends, the hours good, and best of all I'm surrounded by incredible art and storytelling.  
   As you can see I'm beginning to amass a small collection. This is nothing compared to the collections of my co-workers, boss and many of our customers, but hey, I've got to start somewhere. 

   Because comics are fast becoming a big part of my life, time to time I'll share news concerning artists, story writers and recommend good story lines as they come. (Just so you know, the new Thor story line is AMAZING, also Saga, trust me, Saga is perfection) 

Well, that's me lately, 

Sarah Bosserman

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