Monday, May 27, 2013

Dropping the Excess

"Everything I own is my favorite thing"
 Joshua Fields

      Stuff. Our nation is built on entrepreneurship, mastering the art of business and by doing that, fueling our economy. Now we live in one of the richest countries in the world where you can drive two minutes and buy anything you could possibly need. But how much of what we buy do we really need? Do I really need another shirt? Another quirky nik-nak? How much enjoyment will this purchase bring me and for how long? Will I use it daily? weekly? monthly? I'm not saying buying stuff is wrong, but being mentally present while standing in line at the cash register is advisable. 

       The problem with buying stuff is, when you flip through a magazine, design site, or Pinterest, and you find a room that speaks to you, why do you like it? Yes, that wallpaper is oh-so-chic, and that chair is very mod, but what about the space around these objects? Chances are there isn't storage boxes, dozens of shoes, or heaps of stuff lying around. After specific style, the next thing that attracts a person is air, emptiness, light, breathing room. You can only have breathing room once you've gotten rid of the excess things in your home. You know that dress/piece of furniture/box in that you don't quite like or use anymore but you for some reason can't bear to part with? Get rid of it. Instead of owning hundreds of "eh" things, own dozens of "OH MY GOODNESS I ADORE THIS" things. Get to that place where your home is full of air, full of space and full of only the things you love. 

       Over the past month I've been going through boxes and closets, picking up every little object and piece of furniture I own and asking myself, "How much does this add to my life?" or "Why am I keeping this?". I've donated three garbage bags of clothing (yeah, I know, it was bad) and five boxes of stuff I don't use. The funny thing about getting rid of excess is you can see what you really love. After I had jettisoned everything i didn't need I was left with my art supplies, clothing and a huge music collection. That's my life, art, fashion and music. I encourage you to also go over your stuff. After you've cut away the excess, I guarantee that you'll breathe easier. 

       For anyone interested in streamlining their possessions, this site here was extremely helpful for me: . 

I wish you all the luck in the world, and I hope you too can own only your "favorite" things. 

Sarah Bosserman


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