Thursday, May 23, 2013

Art Washes Away the Dust of Everyday Life, Picasso

     Over the past months while sitting in the classrooms of my college, I planned a series of paintings. Picasso once said 

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"

    and oh boy, oh boy was I feeling dusty sitting through those lectures. Don't get me wrong, I am academically minded, and I work extremely hard to earn my high grades. I believe in life long learning, and am happy to listen to my professors, but week after week of schooling wares me out. My creative soul seems to shrink, and that "dust" Picasso speaks of becomes an insufferable blanket. By my own nature I am an introvert. I glean energy and inspiration by sitting alone and thinking. 

    I understand that by going to school I am broadening my mind, but in other ways I feel stifled. Before I began college I took a break in which I taught art for two  years to a hundred students, who saw me as a mentor and role model. I also served on my city's Art Counsel, where I was highly respected and my opinion became action. After that I paid my way to Paris where I soaked in the greatest works of art in the world. I have done so much living in my little 20 years of being on this earth. Sometimes I'm painfully aware of how distant my own world view is from my peers. I have faith, I have a sense of purpose, and my art is my vehicle to success. I don't desire wealth, and I have no illusions of grandeur  I want after that simple life of painting, a job that pays well enough, and lemonade on warm Texan evenings. If my art touches someone and makes them pause to look in closer than my goal has been achieved. We are only given so many days to live and laugh, to serve and love, and we shouldn't waste them. I guess what I'm saying is that this is my summer of painting, and I'm not going to waste my time anymore. Today is the day I take my future and my paintbrush into my own hands. 

     Here is the first painting in my series. Pink Socks is my working title, and it's about half way done. If you have any wish to ask me questions concerning my art, or just to say hi my email is

Sarah Bosserman

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