Thursday, May 16, 2013

Flower Girl Finished, Painting for Purchase

       To create a painting is to walk the line between madness and mindful accuracy. First you lay out a carefully sketched drawing on paper. Maybe you mess around with the composition  and line work. Then you transfer this sketch onto the canvas, where again, you meticulously render the subject. Soon you're ready for paint, and this is where the struggle lays. 

       Too much careful brush work and the painting feels stiff and dead. Too much wild, abstract globs of paint and let's not kid ourselves, it's garbage. It's that sweet spot, that Goldy-Locks area of perfection we as artists strive for. It needs to make sense but be fluid. It needs to have the effortless look about it.
        I can't say for sure if Flower Girl achieved that sweet spot, but it feels very close, and I can honestly say that I'm proud of this piece. 

Sarah Bosserman, Flower Girl, Oil on Canvas, 25"x31", 2013.
For purchasing information please email to this address,

Sarah Bosserman

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