Monday, June 10, 2013

How to Grow Succulents

    Growing succulents is very easy! These tiny hardy plants multiply like rabbits, but some tips to encourage the  multiplication process can't hurt. 

    First off, make sure you have a windowsill with lots of natural light. These little cuties are sun worshipers! 

    Next, they'll need a shallow dish with a bit of dirt to sprout in. Once they're big enough you can transplant them into a pot as a house plant or straight outdoors if your climate permits.

    Now we've arrived at the semi-difficult part. Clipping. The plant I chose to clip from has broad "leaves" that make sprouting easy. Simply snap off a leaf, be sure it has a clean break, no curly cue rips! Then place the leaf onto the dish, allowing it to lay on the surface of the soil.

   Water the leaf if the soil appears dry. in this early stage try to be sure no water droplets collect on top of the leaf. The succulent will absorb water from the wet soil. 

    Soon, if all goes well, you'll begin to see teeny-tiny leaflets appear at the break off point on the leaf. 

    Not long after that roots will begin to shoot out wildly. 

    After a steam, and a fluster of leaves develop, the original leaf will turn yellow, shrivel up and fall off. I recommend keeping the new tiny plant indoors until it's root system matures a bit before bringing out side.  

    There you have it! No you can begin growing and collecting a miniature succulent garden just like in all those design magazines, and high end design stores. And, look at that, it hardly costed anything! This succulent was 7 dollars, the dishes were old soy sauce holders and dirt is free! Ha! take that Urban Outfitters (You know I love you)!

    On another note it seems that poor Malmer-the-Cat is a bit peeved about my canvas taking over his favorite sunning spot! A painting update will follow soon, so keep your eyes open!

Sarah Bosserman


  1. Thank you for this little tutorial. I was always sticking the leaves in the dirt, waiting forever for sprouts, and giving up and letting them die. I never knew that you are supposed to lay the leaves on top of the soil. Going to try it this way ASAP!

  2. Love this tutorial! Ican't wait to try this out. I hope it will work with chicks and hens. TheTurquoiseOtter.Com

  3. I love this! and I will post my results! thanks.

  4. How long does it usually take to grow?

  5. Your awsome. Love your tutorial and love your cat. Thanx Sarah B...

  6. I actually discovered this on accident and was wondering how long until i should plant it. Thanks for the info!!!

  7. Have you tried this method of propagation with Aloe Arborescens ?